Josie and Ryan’s blog

Josie and Ryan 29 December 2018
Fiesta!!! And a fiesta it was this wasn’t just a wedding it was a fiesta!
I meet up with Josie after she had found me through Jonker’s farm.
I knew straight away this wasn’t going to be your average every day wedding this was going to be a party that all of her friends and family would remember forever.
Josie was one of those brides who knew what she wanted, was super organised but also really relaxed about the whole thing. Josie was going to put so much of her heart into this wedding and this would be seen in the little details and the amount she did herself.
We meet up a few times to go over the details and kept in contact the whole way leading up to the wedding. I had a wedding the day before their wedding so I had one of my staff attend the rehearsal and go through the details with Josie and they would then help me set up on the wedding day as well.
After completing the pack up from my wedding the day before I was down from Warkworth to Jonkers farm to get into setting everything up and being there for meeting all the vendors that would be coming in.
Our set up included all the plates, cutlery, napkins, centerpieces and wedding favours. We also set up the wedding gift area and bar area including a chill out zone. Josie has thought of all the details. There was also a lot of kids at their wedding, Josie came up with individual and personalised seating places for them and a teepee which included a movie to be played later in the night which was Mexican themed.
After getting everything set up for the ceremony and getting the 5 flower girls dressed and ready it was almost time for the fiesta to start!!
Josie and her mermaids yes not bridesmaids she had mermaids!! We’re ready to go so it was time to get Ryan and Josie married, Josie looked amazing with her dress, Karen walker shoes, flower crown and red lipstick to match. Their ceremony was beautiful and their flower girls had a ball throwing the petals they had just put down all around Ryan and Josie while the ceremony happened. Once they were announced as husband and wife they then did a shot of tequila to celebrate, it was these little details I loved and made their wedding so unique to any other wedding I have done.
After the ceremony they had their canapé hour, here they had slushy machines going which they poured the drinks for their guest as a chance to see them all and thank them for being there. Josie and Ryan had done all their first look photos before the wedding so they were able to spend more time with their guest before doing a few family and friend photos.
We then moved back down to the teepees for the reception, their food was Mexican food that was sharing platters in the middle of the table, this was a nice way for everyone to interact with the other guests. There was speeches, while everyone finished off their dinner all of their friends had the best things to say and stories to tell about these two.
Josie had a surprise for everyone that myself and only one of the mermaids knew about. Josie had been a highland dancer all her life, Ryan had never seen her perform but tonight was the night that was all going to change.  We snuck off up the top to get Josie changed into her highland dance outfit.  Here we meet with the bag piper who was going to play Josie in and while she danced.  Josie was nervous but also really excited.  After a quick wardrobe fix, some warming up and deep breathes it was time to go back down and show everyone a side of Josie most people wouldn’t have seen before.  We had Ryan and Josie’s mum come and sit up the front of the dance floor then the bag piper started and in Josie walked.  The guests went crazy and everyone was in awe at Josie and her performance. What a performance it was!  Ryan and Josie’s mum were both in tears and everyone cheered for Josie once she had finished her dance.
After this is was back for her third outfit change and her last dress of the night this included an amazing shell crowd that Josie made herself.  Ryan didn’t want to miss out on this and also changed into something more casual and comfortable here as well.  We then got them away for some amazing sunset photos up on the hill.  Once they returned there was a couple of final speeches including one from Ryan and Josie, where we learnt all about how they have really been high school sweet hearts and known each other since then and where this love story all started.  After their first dance there was a pinata which of course the adults loved just as much as the kids and the party then got started.
This is a party I know would have been a fiesta of all fiestas and I would say most of the guests the next morning and weeks after would be talking about how much of a good time they had.
Ryan and Josie had me come back in the morning to do the pack down as well.  They were able to stay in the teepee they had set up for the kids and when they came out later in the morning as we were just finishing up I could see they were feeling a bit dusty but had an amazing night.  I think for them this was a big relief not having to worry about packing down.
Ryan and Josie I hope you have an amazing honeymoon in Mexico when you get away and that your life is filled with many other fiestas, congrats and thanks for letting me be involved in one unforgettable wedding!