Kim and Mike

Julz is who you are looking for! Julz totally sorted us out for our wedding and we would highly, highly recommend her.

These are the words that come to mind when we think about Julz: organised, reliable, professional, stress-relieving, competent and fun!

She is truly excellent at her job and she absolutely made sure that our day would be just the perfect day that it turned out to be. We couldn’t be happier with Julz and how she helped us.

Right from when we first met Julz, she made it clear that a key part of her role was to relieve our anxiety in preparing what would be the biggest event of our lives.

She totally succeeded! She did that by meeting with us early on, providing us with very helpful planning documents, providing us with important advice, and even offering to meet with our mothers!

Closer to the day, Julz was really good at just checking in with us as to how things were going and then meeting again (including driving an hour to our wedding venue north of Auckland) to cover everything off leading up to the big day. She was always available and super helpful.

Following Julz’ advice, we held a wedding rehearsal the day before. This was crucial as we had a number of family members who had just flown in from overseas and it was really the first time we had everyone together to talk through the ceremony. Julz ran the rehearsal and was excellent in guiding everyone as to what to do. She did this after talking it all through with us, so it was always what we wanted and she made sure that we were always happy.

On the day itself, Julz just totally took over. She arrived early at the venue, completed the set up herself (which looked just how we wanted it), coordinated all the vendor deliveries and most importantly made sure that nobody had to contact us. She told us to turn off our phones we didn’t, but we could have Julz had it all under control. If there was a problem, we still don’t know about it!!

Julz made sure the ceremony went off without a hitch and then worked with the catering staff to get everything out as close to the schedule as possible.

In short, Julz made it all happen. So, if you are looking for someone to help plan and run your wedding, then look nofurther! Julz is amazing and we were so lucky to have her help us with our wedding.

Thank you Julz! From Kim and Mike