Kim and Mike’s wedding blog

I first meet Kim and Mike at a wedding show. From the first time I meet them I knew they were really relaxed about everything however knew exactly what they wanted. I could tell Kim was really organised but she had to be, she was a doctor and surgeon so she worked long, hard hours. Kim had to have things sorted in the very limited time she had off.

Kim was from Canada and this was definitely going to be represented in their wedding, Mike was no ordinary man either he also worked long hours as a lawyer, I mean what a POWER couple.

A few weeks after the wedding show they got in touch with me and wanted to catch up. I LOVED hearing about this wedding. Even with Mike’s jokes about Kim coming down the isle on an Elephant to Kanye West “gold digger”. They were funny and I knew were going to be amazing to work with.

They decided to go with ‘on the day coordination’ as they were happy to plan everything but wanted to make sure it all came together on the day.  They also didn’t want to worrying about setting everything up or having family or friends pulled in to give them a hand. They all wanted to relax and enjoy the day.

Their wedding and reception venue were at the same location north of Auckland at Maharangi. The views here are breath taking and I could see why they choose this location. Mike and Kim’s wedding was set for 6 Jan 2017.

We arrived up early that morning to get started, it was a perfect summers day and was going to be hot. Their wedding was for approximately 180 guests and including setting up all place settings including plates, cutlery, glass wear and napkins. This was no small feat for that many guest. Kim has the most amazing wooden tables with white napkins that ran off with a plate on top and gold cutlery. To say this looked gorgeous was an understatement and on a large scale like this looked incredible.

The wedding area had an amazing arch with a floral piece in the corner and a special rug under for them to stand on. Everything else was natural to let the amazing scenery paint the rest of the picture.

They had lots of little details that made this wedding amazing. Including their guest book which was a world atlas for guest to put a Polaroid photo in with a message of places for them to go.

The wedding was perfect and Kim looked amazing. Everything ran to plan and ran to the timeline she wanted. There was so much love in the air, everyone loved Kim and Mike as a couple and were so happy they were married.

I loved all the little touches they had including tequila shots Kim organised for me to bring down at the end of her speech for her mum. This was a family joke that had been a big night between Kim, her mum and friends where her mum out drunk everyone on tequila. Kim told her mum she wasn’t aloud tequila at the wedding as she had this surprise up her sleeve but her mum also had done the same for her!

Once the first dance was completed and the party was under way my job was done and I left them to celebrate well into the night.

Congrats again Kim and Mike, its a wedding I will never forget.

kim and mike