seating plan blog

Seating plans can sometimes be one of the hardest things and one thing that can cause a lot of stress and headaches.  Whether it is family members that need to be on opposite sides of the room or you want to keep a few louder people separated for dinner and speeches, I have an easy and stress free way to come up with your seating plan.

The first thing you need is a big piece of blank paper.  From here draw on all your tables and even better if you know where they will be set up on the day put them in the right place.  This will help if you do want to keep someone separated to know that they will be rather than saying they will be at table 2 and 5 then find they are actually one behind the other.  From here separate your guests onto different coloured post it notes.  One colour for the brides friends and family, one for the grooms, one for parents guests and one for work friends.  From here you want to put anyone you might want to keep separated down then you can just work out where to put everyone else.

The best part about this is that if you need to move someone you just pick up the post it note and move them around.  No more rubbing them out and the paper going thin or having to start all over again.  Once you have your seating plan finalised I recommend to photocopy it so then you don’t lose any post it notes.  Make a couple of copies so you have a back up should you need it and one to go to the venue with the place name cards.

My tip for place name cards is to sort them into tables and in order they will be sitting.  Then put them into envelopes with the table number on them.  This will save you a lot of time on the day sorting them out.

Good luck and hopefully my tips will help make your seating plan a breeze.