Tips, tricks and ideas blog

I thought I would write a blog with some tips, tricks and ideas I think brides will find useful.  You might not need them all but hopefully one will be something you didn’t think of but are happy to have seen so you can incorporate it into your day to help you out.

  • Less really is more.  Keep it simple people will remember those smaller details.
  • Following on from less is more think about your center pieces and how big they are.  Are they really tall so people can’t see across the table to engage in conversation, do they block the view of the head table.  Also are they so big they take up more of the table so their isn’t much room for plates or glassware.
  • Do a mock up of how you want your tables to look and take a photo of it.  That way everyone knows how you want it to look and if you can’t be there to help set up you know it will look how you have planned.
  • Put all your decorations into boxes in groups of what they are and label them clearly.  That way you don’t need to open every box to find what you are looking for.
  • Create a styling kit with things you might need when setting up.  This could include scissors, blu tac, tape, pins etc.
  • Put place name cards into envelopes in order they will be set out, with the table number on the front of the envelope.  ( check out my blog on coming up with a seating plan to make this even easier!)
  • Make sure when setting up tables and chairs there is enough space between them to pull your chair out to sit down comfortably and also for wait staff and guest to move around
  • I find having baskets in the men and women’s toilets with some essentials in it a really nice gesture.  It could include for the women bobby pins, spray on deodorant, panadol, mints etc.
  • For outdoor weddings its really nice to have some sunblock and insect repellent available for guest.  Most guests wont think to put on sunblock and if you head away for photos guest could be in the sun for an hour plus.
  • Have a bridal kit that one of your bridesmaids keeps handy for you.  Take this with you when getting photos then leave it somewhere safe in the reception area.  This can include panadol, some snacks, bobby pins, water, scissors, sewing kit, small bottle of vodka (think airplane bottle size, this is great for getting stains out or to calm nerves), wet wipes, phone charger and battery pack.
  • Wear your shoes in and also practice your first dance wearing them
  • If you can afford to, get his and her new perfumes for your wedding day.  That way when you wear it any time after your wedding it will take you back to your magical day